Is It Safe To Eat Uncooked Fresh Green Beans?


9 Answers

james caison Profile
james caison answered
Yes, there is no harm in eating raw beans, I would wash them first.
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Anonymous answered
Yes it is save to eat raw green beans make sure you wash them good before you eat them
hugh byron Profile
hugh byron answered
As long as the beans are washed they are perfectly ok to eat raw, I have eaten them on many occasions fresh from the plant!!
james caison Profile
james caison answered
Raw green beans will not harm you if you eat them, but first you should wash them.
Karen King Profile
Karen King answered
As someone that grew up with, a mom that had a garden every year, yes you can eat green beans raw in moderation. As with anything you eat wash it first.
KR- myopinions Profile
KR- myopinions answered
I like them like that actually. We used to grow some stuff in a little garden when I was a kid and my mom was always yelling at me, lol.

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