How To Use Alcohol Lamp?


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Alcohol lamps are most commonly found in biological laboratories as one of their main uses is to aid in the inoculation of certain bacteria cultures. They are more suited for this purpose than Bunsen burners because they do not reach a very high temperature and they are used to spread bacteria onto the medium of growth, which means that contamination of cultures is prevented.

Alcohol lamps are perfect for places where there is no gas to light a Bunsen burner. When it is lit, the flame does not produce any smoke and it is also residue free.

Alcohol lamps are also portable, unlike Bunsen burners, meaning that experiments can be conducted where they are needed.

• It is very easy to make an alcohol lamp. To do this you will need a small jar, yarn, a drill or a nail and hammer, alcohol (preferably 95 per cent ethyl) and a lighter. The ethyl alcohol can be bought at the majority of drugstores and supermarkets.
• The first thing you will need to do is to create a wick for your lamp. Cut your yarn to about 6 to 8 inches in length and place it inside the small glass jar. Jars that used to contain baby food are the best.
• Drill a small hole in the lid of the jar, or use the nail and hammer.
• Thread one end of the yarn through the hold in the lid of the jar. Pull the yarn through so that there is approximately 1 and a half inches sticking out. The rest should just curl in the bottom of the jar.
• Fill the jar about three quarters full with the 95% ethyl alcohol. Carefully screw the lid back on the jar tightly.
• The yarn wick can now be lit with any match or lighter.

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