Can One Grow Oranges In England?


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It is impossible to grow oranges in England due to its cold climate. Orange could only be harvested and propagated in warmer climates. You could only grow them during the brief periods of summer where you must take special care towards them, as one slight drop in temperature is needed to kill off the orange plants. Or, you could use a greenhouse if you do not have any alternative.
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An orange is essentially a fruit grown in warm climate and as such it would be difficult to grow good quality oranges on a mass scale in England though one can get reasonably good results with respect to oranges grown in gardens as a hobby. The orange tree originated in eastern and southern Asia mainly in China and some parts of India where the warm sub tropical climate suits its growth perfectly; a mildly humid to dry climate adds further taste to the orange.

The climate in England would not be ideal for the cultivation of oranges in the sapling state except for a brief period in the summer; during other times it would require special care like a heater as frost even of mild intensity is known to kill orange plants; in some places sprinklers and wind blowers have been utilized to protect the plant from the cold. A well drained and deep layer of soil is preferred; protection from fruit flies as well as diseases is another area of concern that one would have to watch out for.

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