Is Apple Cider Bad For You?


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Too much of anything is bad for you - even drinking too much water, which can kill you in a phenomenon known as 'water intoxication'.

Apple cider is not harmful when consumed in moderation, although exactly what type of apple cider you're talking about might make a difference.

What type of apple cider is bad for you?
I live in the UK, and if you walked into a pub and ordered an 'apple cider', you'd probably be offered an alcoholic drink.

However, if you were to go into a Walmart in the United States and ask for an apple cider, they'd probably point you to the soft drinks section.

That's because apple cider is the term used in the US for a type of soft-drink made from apples that hasn't been sweetened or filtered - although it does undergo a pasteurization process to remove harmful bacteria.

Of the two  different apple ciders, I'd have to admit that the US version is far healthier.

It doesn't contain alcohol, and won't contain sugar either - unless it's a brand of sweetened apple cider. Even then, it probably doesn't come anywhere close to the 15 grams of sugar it takes to make a pint of Strongbow.

As far as whether apple cider is bad for you, I'd say that both versions can be consumed in moderation without any major impact on your health.

However, regular consumption of the alcoholic cider can be extremely harmful - and even the non-alcoholic kind can damage your liver if you over-indulge.
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Robin Burden, honestly, I'm not quite sure how cider can harm your body, if only you don't drink it too much. It's kinda like drinking alcohol, with the lowest alcohol percentage. You can check out these cider gifts on the site from the company, which produces cider with all the possible tastes and flavors. I've been ordering such gift for my relative, few weeks ago, and my uncle loved it.

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No, apple cider is not bad for you. It's like drinking apple juice.
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No, not any worse than apple juice I'd guess. Some cider may have alcohol, but general grocery store cider does not.
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Yes, anything that contains alcohol is bad for you. Alcohol is a poison to your body, and when alcohol is consumed, your liver stops everything (processing fats, carbohydrates etc...) to get the poison out.

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