Is Apple Juice Good For You?


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It all depends on how you define "good" in regards to food.
Apple juice contains quite a lot of fructose (fruit sugar), trace amounts of some nutrients, and water from the apple. This sugar causes a blood sugar and insulin spike in the body, which is certainly not good. Not to mention what all that sugar can do to your teeth (and waistline if apple juice is a constant in your diet).
The fibre, pectin, flavonoids, and antioxidants found in the skins and flesh of apples is stripped away in the juicing process, reducing the apple to something akin to Kool-Aide. Not exactly a health food. Eating whole apples with the skin is of far greater benefit to the body.
Of course, apple juice has no fat or cholesterol, sodium or alcohol, so it's not the worst product on the market either. So take that as you will.
My advice to you is to eat apples whole (organic if you possibly can), and drink water.

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