Will Pure Apple Juice Raise Your Blood Sugar?


3 Answers

Fred Jones Profile
Fred Jones answered
Apple juice as with most fruits will raise blood sugars. I have been a diabetic for 30+ years and when I was a kid, they would always have apple juice in case someone had low blood sugar due to us being more active and such (hiking and what not). Starches like potatoes and pasta may take a little longer but will raise blood sugars even more.
Karen Whitney Profile
Karen Whitney answered
Natural sugar can be as bad as artificial sugar...yes apple's juice has lots of sugar... My dad is diabetic and they told him to watch how much fruit he eats because they have high natural sugars
Aisha Profile
Aisha answered
No it is not the case. My mother is a sugar patient and the doctor has prohibited to take natural sugar also. Specially the pure apple juice contains a lot of sugar in it. Do not take it if you are diabetic.

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