Is It Alright To Serve Nuts, Chips, Cheese Tray, Fruit Tray , Wedding Cake At A 50th Wedding Vow Renewal Reception?


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marisa terry answered
Absolutely I do anniversaries all the time I do raisin bread with cream cheese and pineapple which is awesome and center it in the middle of cheese trays.

I had 250 with 150.00, I didn't do nuts there , I did a 7-layer dip which this recipe feeds 200 people , 3 large cans of refried beans add a little salsa and make a big round cake like in the middle of round serving tray, then put 1 lg container of guacamole, then sour cream sprinkle with taco seasoning and layer onion,tomato green onion and then sprinkle cheese around it.
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R Maye answered
I have been to a handful of 50th wedding receptions, and most serve wedding cake & a sparkling cider or champagne toast.  I think you are way ahead of the game with your choice of hors de oeuvres.

  C O N G R A T you L A T I O N S  O N  T H I S  M I L E S T O N E  ! ! !
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tina whitney answered
Yes,I say after 50 years you should be able to serve what ever you want I think what you have planned is just fine go celebrate 50 years and hope you can celebrate 50 more. Congratulations.

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