What Food Do I Serve With A Sandwich Tray?


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Sandwiches are obviously a good place to start, make sure there are a variety of fillings and ensure some are suitable for vegetarians and picky eaters. For example have mozzarella and sun-dried tomato for vegetarians and plain ham salad for those who may not like ‘fancy’ foods.

Moving away from the obvious sandwiches, you could replace them with tortilla wraps cut into small sections or mini pita breads. Similar fillings can be used but they look a bit more inspired and are an easy way of giving a different slant without being too adventurous.

Potatoes are also a good idea, as they are simple and can be either be reheated or served cold. For example, bake jacket potatoes, scoop out the inside, mix with your choice of filling (e.g. Bacon, cheese) and then just before you are ready to serve to with cheese and heat up in oven for about 10 minutes.

Another good idea is to lay out a selection of cold meats on a sandwich tray, people can have this with salad or maybe add it to one of the tortilla wraps. People like this as it gives them a little more option, this also allows you to have more vegetarian options as meat eaters can add different meats or their choice to any of your food.

For dessert, it is nice to have a fruit selection on a sandwich tray. It is usually easy to make fruit trays look fantastic and they are a brilliant palate cleanser. Mini cakes are also a good idea, they are easy to eat and people are able to eat them even if they have overindulged with the rest of the food.
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You can do a number of different salads, which goes well with cold cut sandwiches. Pasta salad, macoroni salad, potato salad, etc etc. You can also do a veggie tray if you want. Raw carrots, brocolli, cauliflower, celery. Don't forget the ranch dressing for dipping.
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I think a veggie and dip tray would be good, as well as chips and dip. Pasta salads, fruit salads are also a good mix. In cold weather, some homemade soup with crackers, and raw veggies and dip are nice.
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Chicken fingers are what I always see served with sandwich dishes. They seem to complement one another well in texture and they are both finger foods. Supplement with cheescake cupcakes (in a mini muffin dish, not full size) for dessert. I've put chocolate chips on them, pie cherries, fresh strawberries, a bit of the pie crust even on the tops to fancy them up.
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It really depends on the type of sandwich you choose to serve. For our Lady luncheon we serve ham/cheese & turkey Croissants. With pasta salad or a caesar salad. A veggie tray. Also we've had sandwich with soup/chowder
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You could do what we use to do and that was to have each person bring a favorite dish of theirs , one person brings a veggie dish,one brings a meat dish,one brings rolls, one brings dressings for a salad,one brings a salad,one brings a dessert dish,one or two brings juice or pop, one brings the ice for the drinks. Or you could just order three or four pizzas with different toppings and bring the drinks and ice.

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