Identify Cultural Factors That Might Be Important In A Training Programme For Food Handlers At McDonalds In Saudi Arabia?


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Cultural factors that might be important in a training program for food handlers at McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia are as below:

A. Understanding of religious norms. For instance, Muslim in Saudi Arabia will only eat ‘Halal’ food. Thus, ‘Non Halal’ should not be sold at McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia.
B. Getting to know the personality of them. The way of we need to treat them such as respect them and greeting them.
C. Learn their language and communication style. It will be a value added if we can speak Arabic. They will respect and appreciate it. Understand their communication styles and do not misunderstand it when they speak.
D. The importance of making connections. How do we build a relationship with them since they are the customer? How do we treat them? All these can make them become loyal to McDonald.
E. Understand the formal and informal regulations. To know what is the regulation for the country before do business in Saudi Arabia. To ensure we follow their country rule and regulations.
F. Understand the ethic and work culture in Saudi Arabia. This is to know the way they work and we will have a good relationship with the colleague.
G. The importance of level of flexibility. Understand the flexibility that they offered when work in Saudi Arabia.
H. Understand the directness of command. Use of the word and need to be very careful. It will give a different meaning if we use it wrongly.
I. Understanding motivational drives of different cultures.
J. Learn on managing culture shock.
K. Understand the similarities and differences for working and living abroad.

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