What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Fast Food Restaurants?


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The strengths of restaurants and cafes are the well-organized — online ordering system for restaurants. This became especially useful during the quarantine days, when, in fact, the profit and activity of the restaurant depends only on the online orders of users.

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The number of fast food restaurants has risen indefinitely during the years
menus are limited to certain foods making it easy for inventory, purchasing, etc.
Anyone can work there - you do not know how to cook
the profit margins are high
just about everyone eats at a fast food restaurant - some daily
timessavers when you are in a hurry
great for those that drive for a living because of the drive thru's

Empty calories
too greasy
sandwiches are assembled so fast they look like a truck ran over them by the time you get it
ruining our diets and not healthy
children don't know home cooking anymore
typical junk food - including the salads that are made from pre-packaged greens that can live for weeks on end (try that with a fresh head of lettuce! - just WHAT do they use to preserve it???)

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