My Recipe Calls For Vinegar,is It Distilled Or Cider Vinegar?


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If it's not specified, then it's just normal distilled malt vinegar.
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james caison answered
Majority of recipes call for cider vinegar.
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I would use white wine or red wine vinegar.
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Most recipes will call for cider vinegar, and unless otherwise specified, you should always stick to that. Hope this helps you out.
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Depends on what the recipe is for. If something would benefit from the flavor of apples (such as a pork dish with other fruit) use cider vinegar. If you don't want a flavor, just the acid of the vinegar, use the white (distilled) vinegar.
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The recipe calls for cider vinegar . Is this apple cider vinegar?It's in
a dressing for greek salad.

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