Is Vinegar Bad For You?


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Lois Dawes answered
I put a little in a fruit drink and it tastes lovely.  It was GREAT in fact and I got the idead from GOD.
Don't use too much vinegar in anything it will spoil the taste and your tastebuds he tells me.  Do you know that old English round in 3 parts..all sung together.
Part I. Don't throw you junk in my backyard,
  My backyard, my backyard
  Don't throw you junk in my backyard
  My backyard's full

Part 2.  Fish and chips and vinegar,
  Vinegar, Vinegar, Vinegar
  Fish and chips and Vinegar
  Pepper Pepper Pepper Pot

Part 3. One bottle a pop
  Two bottle a pop
  Three bottle a pop
  Four bottle a pop
  Five bottle a pop
  Six bottle a pop
  Seven, Seven, Bottle a pop

Hope you can find the tune and enjoy this song and ask the British when they love Vinegar so.
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
It has it's uses and I do like it in a few things...
Cold canned spinach...cucumbers and vinegar....
Can't handle vinegar and salt's great if you
need an excuse to stay home for some reason...
(at least it worked for me.  Not too sure if  staying
home was worth the reaction of drinking vinegar)
my mother goes in for a spoonful of honey in some
warm water and vinegar...(seems to work for her,
whatever the reason) an interesting flavor
to boiled eggs (boil eggs, cool enough to roll eggs
on the counter, cracking them all over, drop into
a mixture of strong tea and vinegar long enough
for tea make it's way through the cracks to stain
the egg white underneath. Rinse off, peel and enjoy.
???????? Profile
???????? answered
Like anything in life moderation is the key. There have been some reports of consuming to much vinegar as  caustic to you system and could lead to other health problems. But these are only rare cases it would seem, and quite possibly there were other factors involved  Overall their are many benefits in having vinegar as a part of your diet, and the list of the benefits from consuming vinegar are quite varied and long. Consult your physician or a dietary specialist if you want more definitive suggestions
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Elizabeth Tyler answered
No it just smells horrible.
Merlin Paine Profile
Merlin Paine answered
Not in moderation......
John Profile
John answered
Anything can be bad for you especially if over indulged. The other answer is vinegar actually has health benefits when taken in a specific amount.
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Don Johnson answered
No, I love cucumbers and vinegar, also diluted with water it can help take the "sting" out of a sunburn!
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Anonymous answered
Vinegar is good for you in small amounts, but it can be harmful in large amounts.  Vinegar is very acidic; this acid can provide some benefits.  Vinegar will clean your internal systems to some degree by killing potentially harmful bacteria.
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Carlos Santana answered
No, Vinegar is good for you, just not too much straight, I drink my pickle juice up to one whole cup, I can't do any more than that a day.
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Annie Devore answered
I Think It's Very Good For You  And I Can Be  Put In All Types Of Recipes I Put It On Salads.. Chicken..  Casseroles
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Jack Mahon answered
Vinegar is one of the best natural foods in this world. It is extremely healthy and should be an everyday supplement to your diet. There are many varieties and it does wonders for pepping up the flavors of thousands of recipes.
Tortoise is awesome Profile
I don't think it is. They probably wouldnt put so much of it on salt and vinegar chips if it was bad. But thats just my opinion =)
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walter jedyk answered
In some cases yes, vinegar is bad for you.
It thins the blood, it also induces can also induce a stroke in some people.
It's a form of a wood thinner.
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William Harkin answered
Hi Brav0.It'll do you no harm at all.
After you've finished your pickles put the vinegar in you vinegar bottle,and sprinkle over your fish and chips....Brilliant!
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Jason Parsons answered
Too much of anything is bad for you. But that said, no, it isn't bad for you in any way as a dietary suppliment. It is also a home remedy for a whole slew of ailments.

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