Whts The Best Way To Keep Eyes Attractive?Does Eating Carrots Make Eyes Attractive?


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Everyone has heard that carrots improve your eyesight and it has been my experience that it works better than some of us may think! Several years ago, I went to a resort in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I experienced shooting skeet for the 1st time. It was exciting, but very hard to follow the clay targets. I shoot for 29 out of 50. Not too bad for a beginner, I was told. The next day, my friend and I decide to go to the resorts spa before we began another day of skeet. Without really thinking about the correlation of carrots and hand/eye coordination, I sat and ordered a carrot and strawberry organic drink, which was made fresh while we waited. The drink was so tasty, I ended up ordering and drinking a total of (5) 24 oz drinks! It was particularly funny because I had on this bright orange athletic suit and a bright orange hat. We went back to the skeet range and this time, I shot 40 out of 50 on a different course! Even our instructor was impressed. I give all the credit to the carrots! Bullseye!
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I doubt you did that and even if you did do a little better than it was luck
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Carrots contain vitamin a the antixeropthalmic vitamin that improves night vision. But in truth a good healthy diet should meet all your bodies needs for vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, protein and roughage.
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Eye is the most important part of a human face. There is a lot more to keeping your eyes attractive than eating carrots which includes proper diet, regular excercise, checkups etc. To find everything about caring for your eyes and keeping them attractive log on to the following site:


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