How Much Is A Mcdonald Franchise In The Philippines?


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This will depend on the location of the franchise and what size of premises you are thinking of taking on. There are no specific figures available to view online, so you would need to make contact with McDonald’s to enquire about the prices of the franchises in the Philippines.

As the company is recognized the world over and it continues to grow in popularity, it is unlikely that acquiring a McDonald’s will not be an inexpensive affair. As a guide, in the UK individuals should expect to pay around £85,000 ($139,944.00).

McDonald’s advises those interested in becoming a franchise owner to attend one of their information evenings. There, they will be taken through all the ins and outs involved in acquiring, growing and running a franchise. This will include the types of premises that are available and where they are located. Those interested will also be taken though the range of prices and how to submit their application.

More information on McDonald’s franchises in the Philippines can be found at the following link:

There is also some general information on the whole process available in this brochure that can be read in a PDF format online. It can be found at the following link:

An application form and other details can also be found at the following link:
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I didnt know the answer as well..just want to find out.

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