Can I Make A Animal Cell Project With Food But Not Jello Or Cake?


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Use your imagination with this project, there really are no boundaries with this as there are an endless amount of foods and interesting edible things available to us now in this day and age.

First, why not take yourself to your local supermarket? Wander down the aisles with an open mind and view foods in a completely different light and instead of thinking about them as foods, look at them as parts of an animal cell. Could those French fries be microtubules? Could a jelly bean of wild colors be the mitochondrion? Could some star anise be Centrioles? Look at a picture of an animal cell and then think of which foods could best put that across.

You say you don't want to use jell-o or cake, and this still leaves you with a very broad spectrum when it comes to selecting foods to use.

Think of the shape of an animal cell; there are other round bases other than cake. How about a pizza base? You can buy these already made from the store to save you time or make your own. You can then sprinkle on the cheese and/or tomato sauce as your background and then start applying toppings that serve as the different parts of your animal cell. Pick up regular pizza toppings and think about which each topping could represent. An olive could be the Vacuole, some long strands of fresh chopped basil could be the Golgi apparatus, and you could cut up long strips of ham or pastrami to represent those stick like microtubules!

Once you have fashioned your animal cell pizza, simply bake it in the oven, leave it to cool and label it using stickers attached to tooth picks like flags! Remember to make a note of which topping represents what as you go, so you don't become confused.
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Yepp, you can make a deluxe pizza and label the sausage and pepporini the organelles,

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