Hi. How Many Beers Can I Drink Before I Get Tipsy?


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First of all, at 14 you probably shouldn't be drinking at all, but I know that wont stop you. But I really hope you don't go out and drink a lot of alcohol, because it can make you REALLY sick, or give you alcohol poisoning. I would suggest, for a 14 yr old of average height and weight, you should only drink about 5 beers. Beers, not liquor, that is on a whole other scale. Just be careful, and watch over your other friends that may be trying to look cool and drink a lot. It only makes people look foolish when they get sloppy drunk.
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Well I'm 16 and have been drinking for 3 years, It all really depends mate on how your body handles it. I mean I can drink a case some nights then sometimes I can drink 8 and ill be pretty drunk. Just remember to eat before you go out something fatty and stay away from mixing your drinks as that can be really bad.
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I'm 13, I'm not that tall nd it takes me about 4 bottles. Ox
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That depends on the intake capacity of your body. If you don't get high after 4 or 5 cans then try to drink a bit less of your normal intake.
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Well at 14 you are all good to drink. Just keep it under a 24 of cans. I recommend the brand lucky lager it will make you happy at the best price around. Just stay away from the reefer.
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That depends on your body size and how much you normally drink in the first place. I am 6'5 and start getting a buzz after 6 or 7 beers but I can drink about a case. It just depends on how your body handles it.

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