What Are The Steps Of Bottle Service For Waiters?


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Serving a bottle of wine or champagne is more of an art form than most people realize.

You can't just waltz over to a table with a bottle of wine and plonk it on the table - you need to follow certain rules of etiquette.

How to serve a bottle of wine properly
  • The first thing you do when serving a bottle is to make sure that the table is set with the appropriate glassware. Always double-check that glasses are clean.
  • The second step is to present the bottle to the host (usually the person who ordered the wine). Make sure to have the label facing him or her. You then need to announce the wine's vintage, grape, and the type of wine.
  • When you open the bottle, some guests will expect you to offer them the cork to inspect. Unless you're working in a really fancy establishment, I wouldn't bother with this part, though.
  • Pour around 25ml of wine for the host and give him/her time to taste the wine. Take a step back and hold the bottle from its base, resting the neck against your forearm.
  • When pouring wine for the table, always move around a group in a clockwise motion. The 'ladies first' rule applies. Make sure you wipe the lip of the bottle after pouring, to make sure you don't drip wine on the table - or the guests!
  • Finally, if there's wine left in the bottle, a red wine is always placed directly on the table, while a white (or sparkling) wine should be served in an ice-cooler (with a napkin for handling).
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It seems that this service varies slightly from one place to another.

Sometimes the waiter mixes drinks, cocktails etc and sometimes the customers do it.
In any case, the main need for a waiter is to be knowledgeable about cocktails and mixers. I found a forum on the subject of bottle service, which contains links to two articles about it.

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