How Many Cups Of Flour Is 400 Grams?


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3 cups and 3 tablespoons would be about right, but I find it much easier to just weigh out the flour or if you can get a European measuring cup, they have some calibrated in grams rather than in volume and make the rough conversion from volume to weight automatically.  SInce the actual answer is dependent on the flour type and whether or not it is sifted, then getting a ballpark answer should be good enough.
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For all-purpose flour, 1 cup is approximately 127 grams. The type of flour makes a difference (1 cup of bread flour = 136g).

The humidity will affect how the flour packs in the measuring cup -- to minimize this effect you should sift before doing your final measurement. And do not pack the cup.

Using the 127g to 1c ratio, 400 grams would be converted as:

400/127 = 3.15 cups, or 3 cups plus 2-1/2 tablespoons.

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3 cups.  The usual formulation for white, AP and bread flour is 125g per cup.  Because -- contrary to myth -- recipes are so inexact, and so are flour volume measurements, you might as well forget the 7% error and just go with 3 cups.
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250grams equals to 1 one and a half cup of flour will be equal to 400grams

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