How Much Does A Cup Of Flour Weight?


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It depends on the type of flour. Here's some info from the book of yields.
Flour, all purpose - 4.40oz
Flour, bread - 4.80oz
Flour, Buckwheat, with groat - 4.25oz
Flour, cake - 3.90oz
Flour, High Gluten - 5.00oz
Flour, Masa (corn) - 4.15oz
Flour, Pastry - 4.25oz
Flour, Potato - 6.35oz
Flour, Rice, Brown - 5.50oz
Flour, Rice, White - 5.60oz
Flour, Rye, Dark - 4.50oz
Flour, Rye, Light & Medium - 3.60oz
Flour, self-rising Wheat, White - 4.40oz
Flour, Soybean, defatted - 3.50oz
Flour, Soybean, full-fat - 3.00oz
Flour, Triticale, whole grain - 4.60oz
Flour, Whole Wheat - 4.25oz

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