What Health Problems Are Linked To Lack Of Food?


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Malnutrition can cause rickets and scurvy and death if sufficient food can not be taken.  The body is more liable to get diseases.
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If a lack of food continues a persons pulse rate will slow,
blood pressure will fall, and the heart muscle atrophies.  The last organ to loose any weight is the
brain.  Speech usually remains clear but
it may be slowed dramatically.  One
thing that does not change and has been reported to become more acute is
hearing.  This increase in acuteness is
probably due to an increased sensitivity to noise and general irritability. While the brain continues to function,
serious psychological effects take place.
The main effect has been called “the persistant clamour for hunger”
basically it is the obsession with things to eat.  In this late stage of hunger the victim will sleep for long hours
and wake up and concentrate only on his growing weakness and ways to get
food.  Normally honest people are
willing to do anything to get food.
Along with a willingness to break their normal morals people also become
indifferent about the welfare of others, cases have been reported where mothers
have snatched food from their starving babies and fathers have fought over
scraps of food with their sons.

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