What Is Disadvantage Of Eating Durian Fruits?


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There are no real disadvantages of eating durian fruit as they are fruit and therefore healthy, apart from the fact that durian fruit has a reputation of being an extremely smelly fruit. In fact, the smell of durian fruit is apparently so strong and offensive that it has been banned from several luxury hotels in Malaysia. However, if you are brave enough to try this fruit, then below are some instructions on how to eat this exotic fruit correctly.

  • Step one. Before you actually start to eat the fruit you should make sure that you have picked when it is most ripe. If it is ripe then you will find that the durian fruit will crack a little bit and through that crack you will get a whiff of its infamous smell. If the smell is really bad then even better.
  • Step two. Using a large knife you should carefully slice along the natural fissure of the durian fruit and then pry it open with your fingers.
  • Step three. If you are feeling brave, reach inside the fissure you have cut and grab one of the fleshy sections that you will feel inside. They will be either pale yellow, orange or red in color. They may also be covered in a type of thin membrane.
  • Step four. Before you have time to think about it, pop the fleshy pod in your mouth and eat it. You will find that the texture is of custard or soft cheese.
  • Step five. When you are eating the fruit you will find a large stone in the center usually about the size of a chestnut. Not in an attempt to put you off, many people actually vomit at this stage but obviously this is considered to be bad form.
  • Step six. If you find the aftertaste unbearable, rinse your mouth out with mouthwash or brush your teeth. But if you did like it then try eating another fleshy pod.

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