What Are The Pros And Cons Of Fast Food(atleast 5). Please Do Answer?


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Advantages of eating fast food:
•It is quick and convenient. This may appeal to someone who is very short of free time and who just wants to grab a quick and easy bite to eat.
•There is such a large variety of fast food outlets to choose from. For example, you could choose burgers, pizza or Chinese food.
•If a family is looking for a weekend treat, a lot of the fast food outlets offer incentives to families with young children. For example, McDonalds has the Happy Meal that comes with a toy.
•A lot of people like the taste of fast food. They like to treat themselves with fast food at the end of a busy week or getting some take out when friends call over.
•Fast food joints are very easy to find as they are conveniently located close to train stations, shopping malls and even residential areas. A lot of them offer home delivery services and you can even order your meal online.
Disadvantages of eating fast food:
•A lot of the food is very high in saturated fats and salt which can lead to obesity and heart problems.
•Eating fast food everyday may even affect the brain’s ability to function as this food does not contain a adequate levels of vitamins and minerals needed by the body.
•Fast food can also be very expensive. Making a similar meal from scratch at home will cost a lot less.
•The quality of fast food may not be very good. This is because it is produced on a mass scale and it is made of the lower quality food products
•There may be hidden additives such as extra salt or oil that is added to the food which makes it unhealthy. Although adding salt to fries may keep them fresher for longer, this may actually lead to higher blood pressure.
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Pros ~ convinience of not cooking, fast service, cheap(not always),taste, variety
cons ~ Too much cholestorol and trans fat, too much oil, Msg dangerous flavour enhancer, overly processed foods, food additives, not served properly, no nutrition, even salads have added sugar and chemicals, drowsy effect, gives high blood pressure, fattening, makes difficult to stay on healthy diet,addictive
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Pros= inexpensive (dollar menu), don't have to cook, easy when you are pressed for time, it's "fast", don't have kids screaming while you are waiting for dinner to get done.
Cons: Contains a lot of fat, not as nutritious as a healthy meal, contains a lot of calories, don't get your requirements of fresh fruits and vegetables, don't get the quality time to eat with the whole family together at the home.
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It cause a high blood pressure

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