Is Red Wine Good For Building Your Iron In Blood?


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It is true that red wine contains a minimal amount of iron, and alcohol itself can help to keep iron in your body for longer, meaning red wine will give your body some iron. However, red wine has nowhere near the amount of iron as foods such as nuts, meat (beef and pork etc.) and even foods like chocolate and eggs.

So in relation to your question, although red wine can be useful in giving your body iron, it should not be used solely as an iron source as there are many other foods that will give your body more of the iron it needs.

Red wine is long thought to have positive effects on your health when consumed in moderation. In fact, red wine is one of the first recorded medicines in the world, having its uses in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome as an antiseptic as well as aiding digestion and pain relief. Even in modern culture a glass of wine is thought to have positive health effect and one diet, the South Beach Diet, even advocates its use as an aid for losing weight, again in moderation.

In modern culture the use of red wine as a medicine has been more widely discredited. It is also worth stating that the negative effects of red wine match the positive effects. Alcohol can cause damage to the liver, kidneys and other organs and is a toxin that could damage the cells in your body. This is why alcohol is only recommended in moderation as prolonged use, or 'binge-drinking' can lead to addiction as well as several other health problems. When used as a part of a balanced healthy diet, red wine is enjoyable and can benefit your body, giving vitamins and nutrients such as iron to your body.

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