Is There A 'Dunkin Donuts' In Vegas?


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The Dunkin Donuts franchise is one of the biggest fast-food/restaurant chains in the United States.

Luckily, there are 17 different Dunkin Donuts outlets in the Las Vegas, NV area.

Dunkin Donuts in Las Vegas To find the location of all 17 Dunkin Donuts stores in Las Vegas, I quickly browsed the official Dunkin Donuts website.

From the home-page, you simply click on a link that says 'Dunkin Donuts Locations', and this will take you to a search facility where you can find any Dunkin Donut store in the world.

You simply type in your city and state name, and away you go!

In Las Vegas, Dunkin Donuts have set up shop in a number of different locations:

You can order a 'mint hot-chocolate' at the Freemont Hotel and Casino branch, or you may prefer to visit the Flamingo Eastern Plaza outlet for a tasty 'Maple Frosted Coffee Roll'.

Either way, you've got 17 stores to choose from in the Las Vegas area - so, 'happy dunkin'!

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Yes definitely!
It is located at Silverado Ranch Boulevard. The address is: 409 East Silverado Ranch. It is located at the east of the South Point Hotel.

This was the first of the chain as they plan to open 62 new Dunkin Donuts outlets.
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Hi Jazzymoose,

There are a few Dunkin Donuts here in town:
  • There's one at 5111 Boulder Highway, 89122; 7400 Las Vegas Boulevard South 89123.
  • One near East Warm Springs Road in the area of the Belz Factory Outlet Mall on the East side of Las Vegas Boulevard South.
  • And one at 6621 West Cheyenne Avenue 89108, East of both Rainbow Boulevard and Gentle Breeze Street.
These locations are in addition to the one at 409 Silverado Ranch Boulevard.

Good luck on your quest!


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