What Do You Need For A Successful Picnic?


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Assuming you can guarantee the weather, (ha!) the key to a good picnic is simplicity. What you don't want is dozens of little pots and containers which then leak, spill or get forgotten; or 3 different cold quiches which all taste the same. The following ideas have all worked well:
-A hot roast chicken makes a lovely picnic lunch, and all you need with it some crusty bread and a few tomatoes. A small one cooks in just over an hour; otherwise, most supermarkets have hot cooked chickens on sale.
-A big, really flavoursome savoury pie, tart or quiche is great, especially if you can keep it warm. Again, bread and tomatoes is all you need – or baked potatoes, foil-wrapped.
-If you take a baguette, scoop out some of the bread and stuff it with (for instance) chicken, soft cheese and salad, you have a whole meal in one giant sandwich.
Otherwise, flasks of tea and/or coffee, wine, beer and/or fruit juice, some nice fruit for afters and a bar of chocolate – and you have a complete picnic.
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When we decide to go for a picnic, then before making preparations. First of all you must think about each and every thing which will be needed on picnic. Obviously children also go on picnic, so must take all their important things. Make food for the picnic sometime before going to the picnic, because when you are on picnic then, at that time you can't cook, when every one is enjoying. Take some juices, tea bags and milk with you, because these are very important things when you are going for a picnic.

Must take first aid box with you, because if some injury occurs then, you can handle it. The most important thing is your vehicle, on which you are going to picnic. That vehicle must be in good condition, and don't have any big fault. Because it will create a big problem for you. If your car stops in the way then you will not be able to reach your destination, which is so much irritating and your mood will be off. So check your vehicle first.

If you are going to some cold place then, must take sweaters and hot clothes for every one, especially for children. And if there is any baby child then, must take pampers with you, otherwise you can't enjoy when a child is weeping.
And be happy when you are on picnic, don't quarrel with your partner.
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It need more people, good preparation of the food,and create some game for having fun or listen to the good music, dance as well for having the ambiance.

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