What Are The Possible Questions In Food Experimental Thesis?


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Your dissertation, or thesis, should be original. If you are caught using material, research or findings from another's thesis, you could be disqualified from your course at college or university, and any other courses you choose to take. The act of using other's material is considered a serious offense in the world of education and you will be punished if caught. Therefore, in order to avoid the temptation to use other's work, and to avoid similarities between your work and the work of others which could be mistaken for cheating, you should come up with your own thesis question. It should be about something you genuinely find interesting within your field of study, as passion will make you more motivated to do a good job and to pursue your thesis all the way through to the end.

Having said that, it can be difficult to know where to start, so here are two theses completed by two graduates who are now professors in their field. Please note that cheating by using theses written by professors is monitored and sought out incredibly carefully. Two food experimental theses are:

• The use of technology in cereal production (Roberto Bertolazzi)
• The experimental and finite modeling of ultrasonic cutting of food (Euan McCulloch)

When writing a thesis, there are a number of components which your examination body will expect to see. These include:

• The abstract

The abstract is a short summary of your thesis. It should contain your purpose and should give the reader an idea of what the whole of your thesis is about. Examiners may use your abstract to evaluate the intrinsic quality of the rest of your thesis.

• The table of contents
• The main body
• The reference page or bibliography

A bibliography is necessary for any piece of research or educational writing. It allows the reader, and the examiner, to check whether you have used the correct type of sources in your thesis, and also allows them to check for cheating and copying.

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