Can I Just Plaster Over Popcorn Ceiling With Another Ceiling Product?


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Ceiling plaster is pourous, so the existing asbestos would probably leach through the new application.
Just my opinion, but think it best to just go ahead and spray the ceiling down with water and scrape it off.
If you decide to remove the old popcorn, be sure to purchase a roll of plastic to lay on the floor for easier cleanup, and wear a face mask to keep from inhaling any dust residue. You can also pick up a scraper and sprayer at a local hardware store.
I know this isn't the answer you wanted, but think it is the best line of action.
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I've done this several times and it works pretty well. You can also paint the popcorn with a spray painter to seal it. I think that plastering it would cause a lot of it to fall off and you would have a mess.
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You have made some very good points RAP. Good going. And if you gave me that good rating, thank you.
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Please note;have checked before scraping off it may contain hazodous material,or at least as tamarind metioned a good quality face mask.And also if material is sound on ceiling it can be sealed and plastered,ive have skimmed hundreds of ceilings with a textured ceiling with out any blowing problems,its works well when the ceiling has been painted before'.I KNOW THIS IS A OLD QUESTION BUT PEOPLE STILL LOOK THEM UP.
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I have 20+ years experience in home improvements. It would not be advised to do this because the plaster is so heavy that it would crack and fall...unless you use wire mesh that is nailed or screwed to the ceiling joist every 8 inches. (When you cover a mess, all you have is a covered mess!) I would tear it down and start all over. I hope this information helps you.
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I do not see how you would be able to cover over a popcorn ceiling without sanding it down, as the little popcorn lumps very easily fall off.
I agree with Tamarind.  The easiest way is to soak it down to the original plaster and take it off.   We did that in our bathroom and it was messy, but it worked.  We wished we had done it in our other rooms afterwards, as painting over it took about three coats and getting even coverage was very, very difficult.  They do look nice now, but we would not want to have to paint them again.
I believe professional decorators will remove popcorn ceilings for you if you wish.  If you do it yourself you do have to be careful not to remove the plaster as well!

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