How Much Does It Cost Per Sq. Foot To Remove Popcorn Ceiling?


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It depends on whether you are intending on doing the work yourself or have someone come round to your house to do it for you. If you are going to do a bit of DIY, it could cost you absolutely nothing, although you will have to spend a small amount of money on basic items such as plastic sheeting to protect your home from the mess. The amount you pay a professional will vary depending on where you are living and what they are likely to charge per hour.

The general consensus online seems to be that the average price is somewhere between $0.78 and $1.04 per square meter. Although, there are some professionals online who say they would charge anywhere up to $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot, so it really depends on who you call and where you are living.

There is a website that can help you work out what the average price is that you should expect. You can enter the size of the popcorn ceiling area you want removed and it has a clever calculator function that can work out the average price you should expect to pay. This can be found at this link:
If you fancy doing the work yourself and saving some money, first of all you need to cover the rest of the room with plastic sheeting. This will help protect your furniture and flooring from any potential mess the job will cause. Next, get some warm water in a spray canister and spray it onto the ceiling. After a few minutes spray some more onto the area. Then use a 12 inch taping knife to scrape the popcorn paper off and it should just fall to the floor. You could also use a plastic or metal scraper to get the same results.
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Depends on many factors. I charge approx $1.50 per sq ft to remove popcorn and to patch any affected areas from the removal process.

Easy job for you to do and save money. Just remove everything from the rooms, plastic the floor, put 3 gal. Of warm water in a sprayer and wet the ceiling. Let it set a few minutes and spray it again.

Then use a 12" taping knife and scrape the ceiling without digging up the drywall. It should just drop down to the floor. If not and there are still dry areas, spray the ceiling again and then try it again. Knowing how much water is the trick. But the job is easy.
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In Los Angeles California, I just paid .50 a sq ft .
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Free if you do it yourself. It is messy but easy to do. Just cover things and then spray the area with warm water and scrape it gently off with a metal or plastic paint scraper.
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Most places set their own rates based on the demand and their quality of services. My boyfriends parents do remodeling and it isn't cheap to have done and sometimes isn't just based on square footage or how many rooms.... Like removing any damaged areas, how high up the ceilings are, how many days it takes if they have to work around your schedule... Really all you can do for an estimate is have several come out and see what is available in your area... Really removing the popcorn ceiling is easy to do just some warm water and a scraper.

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