My Daughter In Law Wants A Safari Theme For Her Baby Shower Lions, Monkeys Etc. Does Anyone Have Ideas For Us,cake, Favors, Decor Etc.?


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Hello Joyce A.  I may have an answer to your question.  Go to  I don't know if you are familar with them, but they have what you are looking for.  They have a party theme book that they will mail you just for the asking, or you can order right on line.  They not only have what you are looking for, but a million things more.  They have along with the animal theme,  little animal suckers.  Monkeys, zebras, and on and on.  they have your plates, napkins, colored forks, cups, the works.  Try them.  I promise  you , you will find what you are looking for.  Good luck.  I hope it's a GIRL!
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Go to a cake decorator store or search for Wilton Cake Decorator shops in your area.  If they don't have what you want then find some baby animals very small, trees and a very small truck and make a safari scene on the cake , buy a palm tree (at a party supply store), stuffed animals and place on table to make it look like a forest. 
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Get lots of stuffed animals---ask guests to dress as if they were "going on a safari" . Try a catalog called Oriental Trading--they have lots of party theme items for very cheap prices--I'm sure they have a website--go to party stores in your area--try typing safari parties in Google
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Baby shower themes are very limited. Instead of using or looking for baby shower stuff (decor, favors, etc). You might want to use decor and stuff that's for a small child's bday party. Hope this is a good idea. Good luck!!
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How about using the Lion king kind of stuff Simba was also a baby cub in the first movie you can still find lots of things from that around for decor, maybe buy some cheep fake trees & hang some monkeys in them, ask your local bakery about decorating you a lion or monkey cake & then search the web to come up with trinket ideas. you could do pin the tail on the monkey just for kicks. hope this helps. I'll post more if I think up more. good luck

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