What Is Jamdani Hash?


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Jamdani Hash is a fictional Indian dish mentioned in the UK TV series Gavin and Stacey. It supposedly consists of duck, honey and lime. Apparently, Nessa, one of the characters in the series, names this dish as her favorite Indian food in one of the episodes.

  • The Real Thing
Mint and Mustard, a restaurant in Wales, UK, made famous by Welsh comedian and actress Ruth Jones when she named it as one of her favorite restaurants, has created a similar dish after receiving dozens of phone calls requesting Jamdani Hash as a meal.

The Happi-Ness Special consists of honeyed duck in a citrus-scented confit, served on Lyonnaise potatoes, together with a curry leaf and lemon grass mousse. It was created as a thank you to and in honor of Ruth, who portrays Nessa in the series.
  • Another Use of the Term
Jamdani Hash is also used as an alternative name for a so-called pot party photo gallery on an Angelfire website.
  • Jamdani Fabric
There is actually a proper meaning to the term Jamdani. It is the name of a cotton fabric, which is woven on a hand loom. Historically referred to by most people as muslin, this weaving tradition has Bengali origins.

This motive rich fabric is regarded as one of the finest varieties of muslin, and has been called the most artistic among Bangladeshi textiles.

It is mostly used for sarees, although scarves and handkerchiefs are also frequently made from this material. Jamdani sarees are mostly made from the original cotton, but it is also possible to find silk sarees under this name.
  • Persian Origin
It seems that many Indian restaurants have chosen Jamdani as part of their names, too. This could be due to the meaning of its Persian origins, Jam, flower, and Dani, vase or container.
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Oh, I won't lie to you, at the end of the day, it's duck with honey and limes...and it exists only in a fictional version of Barry Island, that exists only in James Corden or Ruth Jones' head. So don't go trying to order it at your local Indian, alright?

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