How Many Calories In Indian Curry?


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In Indian curries there can be 500 - 2500 calories, you have to specify which curry you are talking about.

Indian vegetable curries do not have too many calories unless they are cooked in cream with cashew nut base or with lots of butter or margarine curd etc.

If you talk of fish curry then for one portion the calories could be less, where coconut is used it would be a bit more.

For chicken curries made in the North East Frontier style the calories would be less because it is usually cooked in the over but for Chettinad cooking or malvani curries the oil will be much much more and therefore the calories would be more.

If you have mutton curry the calories would be very much more, since the meat is cooked with oil, butter, cream, yogurt etc.

It all depends on what type of Indian curry you are going to have, if you give me some specifications, I will send you the calories in each type of curry, let me know which curry you have because there is a wide variety of curries in Indian cooking!

For 100 grams portions of vegetables the calories are from 100 - 200 for fish around 150 for chicken around 200-300 and for mutton around 250 - 350.

Hope this helps!

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