How Do You Make A Boob Cake Without A Mold For It?


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Hello, I think I can help you. I made this cake last night for the first time ever and it turned out amazing! I baked 2 cakes in a rectangular sized pan, iced them in between and then iced the whole cake with buttercream. As for the boobs. I used a small stainless steel bowl, the equivalent of a real DD size breast, I buttered the bowls and filled them with freshly made rice crispies. I removed them from the bowls, placed them on the cake.. Frosted them with the butter cream and then cut out the shape of the curves of a womans torso. Then I covered the whole cake with a thin marshmellow fondant. It looks great and the boobs are very sturdy!

Hope this give you some sort of idea :)
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Common sense says use a mold other wise you will have to wing it and it does not sound easy nor feasible because that would be time consuming the mold pans do not cost that much, you maybe able to find some at a hobby store...the best to you

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