A Recent Blood Test Showed I Had Protein In My Blood, What Does This Mean?


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It is perfectly normal to have proteins in your blood, they are made by your organs and immune system. It is when there is too much or too little protein in your blood that there may be cause for concern. The normal range expected is between 6 to 8.3 gm/dl (grams per decilitre) and the reason why you may have had your blood medically tested is so that the medical practitioner can potentially identify any problems or diseases you may have. That’s not to say if you have your blood tested or that you are found to have higher or lower than normal levels of proteins in your blood that anything is necessarily wrong, but it may be a useful indicator.

Without intending to frighten anyone, there are a number of medical reasons why you might have abnormal protein levels in your blood. If you have lower protein levels than normal you may be hemorrhaging (bleeding), you could be suffering with malnourishment or kidney disease, extensive burns could be the cause or that it may be that your immune system isn’t very strong. High levels could indicate blood infections such as HIV or Hepatitis, cancer or Waldenstrom’s disease.

On the other hand it could simply be medication you are on or drugs you may be taking such as steroids, insulin and growth hormones which can all increase protein levels in the blood, while estrogens and oral contraceptives can decrease the levels of protein. If you are pregnant then this could also be a cause of higher than normal measures of protein in your blood.
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There is a certain quantity of protein present in the normal blood sample. However, if this quantity exceeds the standard protein content in blood it is a cause of concern. It indicates  that you might have the following problems:
- An inflammation or infection such as Hepatitis or HIV
- A bone marrow disease such as multiple myeloma amylodosis.
I would advise you to consult a doctor for possible treatment options.
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My daughter had a blood test it showed to much protein and she having a echo on her heart why?
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It is also normal to get protein in your urine when pregnant although if excessive can be a sign of water infection or pre-eclampsia along with other symptoms in late stages of pregnancy

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