I Am Donating Plasma, And My Protein Has Been Going Down With Each Donation. What Can I Do To Increase The Protein In My Blood?


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You absolutely should NOT EVER be donating blood or plasma except in
an emergency situation.  In fact they should not let you donate. 

gastric bypass makes you extremely vulnerable to protein calorie
malnutrition and low iron, both of which can be brought on or made
worse by losing blood or blood components.

Additionally recovering from low protein and iron levels can be EXTREMELY difficult for someone with a gastric bypass. 

your levels of either are low you need to contact your doctor or
surgeon right away, as both can quickly lead to serious side effects
including mental impairment and sudden death.
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Increase the amount of red meat you eat. Red meat such as pork or beef is very high in protein.
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I have run into the same situation, but am on a low-carb/no-carb diet. Why, when I'm putting in plenty of protein, would my protein number be dropping every week?

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