Does Low Potassium Make You Bruise Very Easily?


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I didn't read anything about bruising, I don't remember doing that, but you can however suffer from hypokalemia which can be fatal if not taken care of quickly, it typically results from diarrhea, increased diuresis and vomiting.
Other symptoms of low potassium can include, muscle weakness, paralytic ileus, and ECG abnormalities. There are other things that you need to look out for as well.
Such as respiratory paralysis. If your doctor did a blood test, and told you that you have this, he should have told you how to treat this, and what you can eat to  bring potassium up in your system.
Though he probably did give you some tablets for a quick boost of it into your system, you can find it in potatoes, bananas, orange juice, and broccoli, there are other foods as well. Go to and you can read further there.
In the contents box, you will find several topics that you should pay attention to, and read them carefully. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Is he anemic? Or perhaps in need of some iron in his diet or multi-vitamins maybe. Certain veggies help with this too as tiggersmom
has said. A doctor is probably the best one to ask. Hope this helped
in some way.
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Hi!  I have found and read that low Vitamin C causes bruising, so you might research that.  I have always given my kids chewable C
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I am anemic, with low potassium and I bruise easily. I'm on a mega dose of iron and am eating food rich in potassium. Some people tend to be anemic if they are picky eaters. Ask your doctor about supplements.

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