How Do You Get Low Potassium?


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We just found out my father's potassium is very low and he was suppose to be taking potassium pills. Today he got his labs back again and his potassium is low again. He refuses to go get a potassium iv. We were able to get him to eat two bananas and two of his potassium pills. What can happen if he still has low potassium but we do not know that it is still too low. He says he feels fine. We just took his blood pressure and it was 158 / 83 pulse 63 . He took his blood pressure pill as well.
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Eat as much banana as you can. Potassium gets to low level when we don't eat balanced diet. Like nuts, seeds, legumes and grains. Daily potassium intake should be 4 grams. You can also take prescribed medicine if your potassium level has gone to extremely low level, but in normal case, you should go to banana and above mentioned diet.

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