How Do I Keep Soft Taco Shells Warm At An Open House For 200-250 People?


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Feeding 200 to 250 people hot food at an Open House party can prove quite difficult. If you are not having a caterer at your party, who will come with all the equipment necessary to keep the food warm, then there are some alternative methods. The tacos will need to be initially heated up to get them warm in the first place. Once you have done that you need to find a way to keep them at a reasonable temperature. If you have a steamer that will fit all of the taco shells in this will be perfect. If you do not have the space in a steamer then leave warming the taco shells until the last minute and set them out on tables covered with a hot, damp tea towel. As they are soft shells you do not need to worry about the dampness of the towel affecting the crispiness of the taco and the warmth of the towel should keep them at a decent temperature. As long as you are able to keep the contents of the taco at a good temperature, the warmth of the taco shell should not affect the flavour of the food significantly. If you are close enough to the kitchen, bring the taco shells across in batches so that you can heat them up as you go along.

Open House parties are events in the United States that take place to celebrate the completion of high school or college by a graduate. They give the graduate the opportunity to receive money for their further education along with small gifts. Open House parties are typically decorated with balloons and streamers as well as any baby pictures, school pictures and awards that have led up until their graduation. Food is usually served en mass in a way that reflects the background of the graduate.
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You should call a catering business, I think they can best help you in this area. I would strongly suggest a steamer to keep things warm though, restaurants and caterer's use them all the time at events of this magnitude. I would guess at about 125lbs. To 150lbs. Of meat, but that is just a guess, at up to 1/2lb of meat per person. Just to be sure though, ask the caterer's o.k. Hope this helps, good luck.
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In a chafing dish at low heat put the tortillas on top of a wax paper and cover them with a nice colorful cotton napkin ( servilleta)
and keep the chafing dish cover this will give you about 45 minutes of nice warm soft taco shells (Tortillas)
make sure to separate and accomodate the tortillas in a long bed style (do not just pile them up) preheat the shells first.
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Soft taco's are usually made with a tortilla that can be warmed up on the spot via microwave or skillet. When I'm catering my trick is to wet a paper towel (nice and damp), then put the tortillas in the wet towel and then in the microwave for 30 sec. By doing this you don't dry out the tortillas and still get them warm.
When I lived in mexico & had large parties they were (flour tortillas not corn) placed into a lrg round basket and kind of folded into a heavy towel not terry cloth more like muslin....they stayed warm a long may require 10-15 baskets.♥
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There are special catering trays with these candlelike containers at the bottom that have fire, that keep the tray's contents warm.
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Um, just put them on top of your computer with a hot wet towel over the top

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