What Do You Like On Your Tacos, And Do You Like Soft Or Hard Shells?


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I am a picky eater and always have been.. On my tacos I like soft tacos because I hate when the hard shells break then I don;t want to eat it.
I only like meat, medium taco sauce, lettuce, and onions. I do not like cheese, and all of that other stuff!!!
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I prefer the soft tacos because the other type is real messy ! I, like rossi love sour cream , hamburger, taco seasoning, salsa, cheddar or any mixed cheese, lettuce. My boyfriend likes refried beans i am not a big fan but eat them sometimes. He also likes hominy- that corn stuff. It is ok ! We love food and i love love love cheese !!  LOL
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Tigs my friend..... I'm sitting here in the library on campus.. With my laptop... Blurting when I SHOULD be studying... And I'm SOOOOOOO hungry! We had tacos last night... I put the tomatoes in the meat and thicken it with flour. I like fried corn shells... Not those pre formed things, and cheese and lettuce and sour cream... Gawd...I'm hungry...lol
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I love the soft shell only!!! With sour cream!!! I miss eating them!!!!!:(
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Soft tacos. Lettuce, tom, onion, shredded cheese, avocado if in season. And Tiger Sauce. OMG Are you hungry again.
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I love tacos made all ways!  Just made some this past weekend with regular beef instead of ground beef...I could eat tacos every day I think! 
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i like the works, and on a hard shell.  i like taco salad, too, my tacos always end up in that condition anyway!
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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I know what you mean, I get the liquids that track down my hand and try to track down my arm, guess I should learn to eat them a little faster? No, I like my pace. I would get hiccups. lol
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i guess the messiness is part of the attraction
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Aside from taco salad my family has indian tacos. We have our fry bread then on top of that go our goodies: Refried beans, chili, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, hot sauce, onions, frito chips, etc. Any combination of the above. And YUM it is good!
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I prefer hard shells, and I like sour cream, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, hot sauce (not that mild stuff--why even bother?).  Jalepenos, too. 
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Guacamole on top.. Anything else goes after that.. Cept for hot peppers.. Nothing Hot.   But I love soft the best. 
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Soft shell tacos are best, we put refried beans, taco meat, lettuce, tomato, green onion, monterey jack cheese, and homemade salsa.
We sometimes use black beans instead of the refried.
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I like tacos any ways they come. Especially with hot sauce.. Mmm yummy! I will eat either hard or soft but I am thinking that I prefer soft.

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