What Is Gelatine Made Of?


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Vegetarians beware gelatine. It is derived from the bones and cartilage of animals. However, it is possible to create a similar odourless, colourless substance with its important setting properties from some algae. A gelatine type product derive from the algae agar agar is widely available. Gelatine is used commercially in many sweets and desserts as well as savoury meat products such as pies. It is an essential ingredient in jellies and many cold desserts. Supplied in the form of transparent leaves or a powder the gelatine has to be dissolved before it is mixed with the main ingredients of the dessert to ensure it disperses evenly throughout the dish and does not create lumps. Gelatin is also often used in wine and beer making as a means of removing grape debris and impurities. The type of gelatine used is isinglass which is derived from the air bladder of the sturgeon.
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Gelatin comes from animal bones and hides, usually cow and pig. The bones are ground up and boiled, then the results are purified. The Kolatin Kosher Gelatin website advertised above says it only uses "bovine" sources, which means "from cows". I have also read about gelatin that is produced only from fish sources.

Jews and some other people do not wish to eat anything with pig products in it, so a "bovine" or fish source would work for them. Some people do not wish to eat anything with animal products in it, but some of them don't know that gelatin is an animal product.

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