What Are Mcdonalds Business Objectives?


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Mcdonalds aim is to help beatific matter in a cordial and recreation environment
to be a socially answerable company
to wage beatific returns to its shareholders
to increase the free lancer work so people easily make money online
to wage its customers with matter of a broad standard, hurried assist and continuance for money
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McDonald's has an extremely strong image, but its iconic status guarantees that for all the positive news about the company, convert euros to pounds there is bound to be a downside. Regarded globally as a representation of US culture and values, McDonald's is often 'first in the firing line' for any anti-American sentiment as in the following cases:

    * In June 2002, a French farmer, Jose Bove, began a jail sentence for destroying a half-built McDonald's restaurant. Bove was sentenced for three months for the act which he said was in protest against US trade protectionism.
    * In August 2002, McDonald's became caught up in a row over the name of a new product. Their decision to name a new burger 'McAfrika' sparked protests. Demonstrators called the decision insensitive, when millions of people in Africa are threatened with starvation. The company started advertising in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, promoting the new burger, which the company claimed has a taste of Africa.
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G'day Laurenxxxx,

Thank you for your question.

To sell a lot of burgers and fries and earn big profits by doing so.


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