What Are The Differences In The Culture Of Countries? And What Problems Did McDonald Face When They Started Business In China?


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There are many cultural differences in many countries it might be possible in one country the people perception and thinking has the difference from one country to another. McDonald started his business in China in the year 1992. They started their first restaurant in Beijing. The restaurant was started from the corner of the street which was named as Wangfujing Street. This is the location which is the in the heart of the capital of China and it is very suitable for starting the business of fast food in the country. The McDonald started his operation there after the two years when sales were on the peak and it was more than the expectations. Suddenly some officials came from the government and accounted that the McDonald have to vacate the restaurant because it is owned by someone else where the commercial plaza have to be build by some Hong Kong companies.

So McDonald took the land from the government for the twenty years lease and there is still lot of time in completion of lease. They involved the government to take the lease back. The court did not help them and refused to enforce the lease agreement. The court favored to their people and the McDonald has to face great loss.
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Every country in this world belongs to some other culture. The culture of any country is referred to as the roots and the initial foundation of that country. The culture refers to as the working of the social outlook of people in a particular country. Some cultures are very open and broad minded while other cultures remain hidden and are quite narrow minded. You cannot blame a person for this as it is in his culture. Culture is not an individual factor but actually defines the whole race or creed of the people.

McDonald's faced many contractual and labour problems when it was first opened in China. The problem here was that McDonald's was paying their low level employees lower than the minimum wage set by the country and this way McDonald's became quite unpopular in the initial beginning till the minimum wage laws were reset by the state.

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