My Child Ate Some Raw Chicken. Will He Get Sick?


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The simple answer to this question is yes! We don't eat raw chicken for a reason, and that is because it is very bad for us. We are not designed to fight against the different bacterium that is in raw chicken and therefore no matter how old we are, we can all get sick from eating the raw chicken. You will need to ensure that you take your child to the doctors as soon as possible to check to see if there are any warnings signs due to the bacteria that they could have eaten. Dangers bacteria such as salmonella live on raw chicken and other foods and this can lead to you being in hospital, so you must make sure that you prevent this from happening and take your child to the doctors as soon as possible before there is a chance that they will become seriously ill. Take action to prevent the outcome that could lead to your child being in hospital and you will be glad that you did!

No one can watch children 24/7 and therefore there are going to times where things such as this happen. You need to remember to stay calm and think about everything that you need to do. As long as you make sure that the child is not sick as soon as they have the raw chicken, you will have time to go to the doctors, explain the situation and ensure that everything can be taken care of. If you were to leave the appointment too late you may find that you child is going to become serious ill and have to be taken into hospital. This is something all parents want to avoid and you can prevent this from happening.
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You should go see the dr as your child can get saminalia poisoning and it is very bad if left untreated!!! My mother in law did the samething and didn't go to the ds and she was sorry she didn't as she was so sick that she ended haven to be hospitalised for 2 weeks before she could go home!!! So please watch him closely and you really should go see the hospital and they can help him with this!!!! Best of luck!!!!! He could get e colie from eating raw chicken!!! And it is nothing to fool around with!!!! Please go to the dr. As he will become vialiantaly ill!!!!
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What is age of your son?. Regardless of age raw chicken can cause indigestion, nausea and vomiting or bloating. Symptoms in children can be sever than alders. If he suffer from such symptoms then take him to doctor.
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well, some people are use to eating raw meat, it does help with your digestive track, and does make you healthier, if you are trained and use to eating that stuff, but other wise your child should never eat raw meat, yes he should go see a doctor if he starts feeling sick, and you should watch for any strange behavior.

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