Does Anyone Know Of Any Good Caffeine Free Chocolate?


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Some of the available caffeine-free chocolates include Xoçai and Ross chocolates. However, most chocolates in the market today contain caffeine as a component.

It is important to note that caffeine is a natural component in the cocoa bean therefore most products with cocoa contain it. This means that it is almost impossible to come across 100 percent caffeine free chocolate. For this reason, most chocolates come with very low amounts of caffeine.

Chocolates that contain small amounts of caffeine allow people with some degree of caffeine tolerance to eat them. However too much and often intake of these low-caffeine chocolates could lead to problems for those who are allergic to it.

Some caffeine-free chocolates like Xoçai are not only free of caffeine; they are also sugar free therefore making them safe for diabetics and also good for children. Although there are fewer brands, caffeine-free chocolates have more health benefits for people of all ages including children and those on a diet.

Caffeine levels in chocolates depend on:

Type of cocoa bean used.

Roast time of the bean. (The darker the bean, the more the caffeine.)

Amount of chocolate ingredients.

Chocolates also contain a component called theobromine which is almost similar to caffeine. Scientific studies have shown that it is difficult to differentiate between chemical structures of the two. Effects of the two components are usually similar in some cases or vary in very small ways.

Cocoa contains the highest amount of caffeine. While chocolates may contain caffeine, the component is found in higher amounts in other products that we take. Caffeine levels in green tea, black tea and coffee are usually higher than what is contained in an ordinary chocolate bar.

People with zero tolerance to caffeine need to know that not all white chocolates are caffeine-free. Most white chocolates may contain small traces of caffeine. One can get more details on caffeine free chocolate from different websites. Caffeine free chocolates can also be purchased online.

To have taken in the same amount of caffeine contained in one cup of coffee, one must have eaten about 20 bars of Hershey’s chocolate.
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Check here I have had some dark chocolate oreo truffles that were 100 percent caffeine free made by this company at a trade show. I can't have any in my diet. The website is new so all their products are not listed yet.
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All chocolate has caffeine in it because they are made up of cocoa bean. You can go for CAROB chocolate because its caffeine-free and tastes like chocolate. It is also dairy free and can be found in various flavors.
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Modern manufacturers cannot afford to make chocolate with only three components. Such a delicacy will be too expensive and will not be able to pay off. Therefore, in factory chocolate, cocoa powder is often used instead of grated product. Replace cocoa butter with coconut or palm oil, add flavors and dyes. When buying chocolate, you should always pay attention to the composition, price and shelf life. A good product cannot be cheap. Check real Chocolate in Canada in more detail there is a wide selection of truly luxury chocolate without unnecessary additives.

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You will probably have to go to a health food store what I use to buy was a product called carob it is also milk free
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Xocai has no caffeine. I know I have what I call a caffeine intolerance, like a lactose intolerance.  I can eat this stuff.  Look at to contact me.
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This is from the Marketing Xocolate Intl website makers of healthy chocolate under FAQ.
Do Xoçai™ products contain caffeine?
Typically, chocolate companies have added caffeine to their products, as it does not occur naturally in chocolate. However, one of chocolate’s active ingredients is Theobromine which is only found in cacao. The two stimulates are related and have similar structures but are very different chemicals with different properties, effects, and origins.
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There is not caffeine in ANY chocolate!!! There is something that is similar to caffeine called Theobromine. It is slightly different and is often mistaken for caffeine. The symptoms are way different. You can see them and a lot more info on this site;

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