How Many Weight Watcher Points In A Mcdonald's Frappe?


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Weight Watchers points for a Mcdonald's mocha frappe accumulate to different amounts according to the flavor of it. A small caramel frappe is 11, a medium is 13 and a large is 16. A small frappe mocha is 10, a medium is 13 and a large is 16.

  • What is Weight Watchers?
Weight Watchers is a program that helps people lose weight by monitoring what they eat and inventing diets to specifically adhere to their requirements. During the program, participants need to keep a record of how many points they are ingesting. There are ways that you can keep track of Weight Watchers points without actually paying for the program.

How to calculate Weight Watchers points:

  • Step 1
The first thing you must do is determine how many Weight Watchers points you already have due to your gender and circumstances. For example, a woman may start on a low number such as 2 or 3 while a man would be a bit higher. Women should also give themselves more points if they are currently nursing a baby and are trying to lose baby weight.

  • Step 2
The next part of the process is to determine points based on your age. For example, if you are between the ages of 17 and 26 you should add 4 points to your previous total. For people in the age bracket of 27-37 add 3, 38-47 add 2 and 48-57 add 1. If you surpass the age of 57 then you do not need to add any extra Weight Watchers points.

  • Step 3
Lastly add points depending on your height. Over 5ft add 1 and less than 5ft add nothing. You need to also add the first two numbers of your weight in pounds.
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Based on the nutritional information given on the McDonalds website, a small mocha frappe is 10 points!!
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A small caramel frappe has 4 points. Good luck on your diet :)
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My calculator said 26

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