How Much Does It Cost For A Pint Of Milk In 2010?


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In the current economic doldrums, the cost of many possessions, even the most basic have risen significantly. The cost of a pint of milk in 2010 was 88 cents. This is a steady increase on recent years but a large hike up since the start of the economic downturn.

The reason for the increase in prices is that everything has become more expensive to run. The machinery and the medicines that the farmers use to look after the cows will have increased in price, this will have a knock on effect and they will have had to increase the price that they sell the milk on for.

This will then have had an effect on the companies that bottle the milk and the materials that the bottles are made from will have also increased in price. They will also be selling their bottles on for a higher price. This way both the milk and the bottles are costing more before they have even reached the store. Once in transport, the gas that fuels the trucks will cost more as the increase in gas prices has been the highest rise over a short period of time for over 20 years. All of these factors have a knock on effect on the price of the milk.

There are other factors that also increase the price of the milk. Some of these are;
  • energy to power the store has increased
  • the cost of the running of the vehicle that transports the milk has increased
  • the hay and food for the cows is more expensive leaving the farmer spending more
This is not just happening with milk. This is the case for many different products that are on the market and all of which are a result of inflation in basic commodities.

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