Should competitive eating be banned?


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Nasser khan answered
Yes,because lots food gets wasted too.
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Arthur Wright answered
Possibly but some peole like it so let it be and no one is forced to participate in it
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Joan answered
I don't believe so.  Participation is on a volunteer basis.  It is fun to watch and is a cheap, affordable spectator sport (I fail to see why it is called a sport, but it is).  In the grand scheme of things, the food wasted is minimal compared to what one U.S. Family throws out or wastes in a few months time.
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Ace anonymous answered
Well when you think about, there is really no sport that promotes good health, healthy eating, etc. Most sports are contact sports (football, soccer, rugby, etc.) and many studies are showing that the risks outway the benefits. Other sports that aren't even really contact sports for example (like golf) still result in many people becoming injured every year. Besides what matters in life is that you are happy. If competative eating was your thing and it truly made you happy, then why should we take it away from you? Really what harm is it causing if its making someone happy? So I say no it shouldn't be banned.
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Karl Sagan answered

It's not the most enjoyable sport when people eat like pigs. I think that you might not like it if this kind of "sport" would be among those that people bet on. It is better to bet on tennis or football. By the way, if you want to find tennis predictions, then I advise you to read more information about it.

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Keith Old answered
Thank you for your question.

No. It is their choice as to what they decide to do. It is probably a turnoff for spectators to see them eating that much if anything.

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Charice Miller answered
Yeah! I think it's sick!! And have they ever stopped to think of all the people starving out there while they stuff their faces??
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yarnlady answered
No, participation is purely voluntary and the government needs to get smaller, with fewer restrictions, not more. Our personal liberties are already being eroded enough.
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Hadley Parks answered
I think that it should be cause if like an apple eating contest and you pick up an apple and not know it was rotten you will have very very bad health
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Mindi Johnson answered
I don't think it should be banned...but should be heavily monitored by medical personnel so the natural signs of bodily distress can be recognised and heeded

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