Should alcoholic beverages be banned?


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I believe in personal responsibility.  That does not mean that overindulgence of alcoholic beverages does not occur, of course it does.  But, there is over indulgence of doughnuts also and that is not a healthy thing to do, yet we do not ban them.  I understand that some people can not stop drinking once they begin (an alcoholic).  But at the same time, if they are aware of their problem, some restraint would not take the first drink.  That is called personal responsibility!  Cigarettes are a health hazard to the smoker and anyone around him, but smoking has not been banned.  We are a people that believe in freedom.  What we do with that freedom is our own personal responsibility.  I do believe that the consequences of driving while intoxicated should be stiffer and swifter.  Death or injury of an innocent victim caused by a drunk driver should be dealt with severely.  That also is a personal responsibility - if one must drink to excess, he must not drive.

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