What is the tactical goals of kfc?


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The number one goal for any fast food franchise is to beat their competitors in terms of profit and growth. KFC's individual aims could be as follows:

Develop Their Products
  • For a fast food chain to succeed they need to continue improving on their products, and in this case it is making sure the menu changes and develops in order to attract customers. KFC have aimed to create more variety in their menu as well as have an option for deserts. In addition, it is assumed that they are hoping to implement a buffet option to their restaurants.
Adapting Menu to Cultures
  • It is important to target communities and cultures that have different food tastes, and according to my online research, KFC are hoping to introduce the sale of macaroni and cheese and red beans and rice in African American communities while adding fried plantains and flan to the menu in Hispanic regions.
Expanding the Chain
  • In order to reach more customers, restaurants need to develop their chain in terms of location and units. The advantage for restaurants such as KFC is that it is a fast food outlet which makes it more accessible as opposed to an independently run restaurant. KFC will be hoping to expand their business by opening restaurants in office buildings, airports, sports stadiums, hospitals, universities, amusement parks as well as in mall food courts.
I should stress that I am not an employee of KFC and the information I have gathered is from online research only.

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