What Is A Good Accompaniment For Pork?


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What should I serve with a roast pork with orange sauce?
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Pork is quite a rich meat and if served with a very creamy sauce it may taste delicious, but be slightly unhealthy. Traditionally, apples are served with pork, since the sharpness of the apples does complement the richness of pork.

Mushrooms can also fulfill this role. Porcini mushrooms (available from most good supermarkets and they will be dried, not fresh) which have been soaked in water release a lot of flavour. The water and the mushrooms should then be boiled for about 5 minutes. After this a drop of brandy should be added as well as a small pice of butter. Continue to boil the mixture until it evaporates a little and when slightly cool, add in just a splash of double cream. Mix together and serve with roast pork or pork chops as an alternative to apple sauce. (Note that the brandy is an optional extra and it does not have to be used).

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