Is Pork A Good Meat To Eat?


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No, its  gross and  tastes awful. Pork is the worst meat out there.. Stick to chicken and turkey

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My family is a pioneer one in Florida, And wild hogs are very common in Florida. So if pork had not been a large part of their diet starvation would have been there soon.
In the old days they would catch and cut the males, marking their ears. This was respected in the old days, but not today.

Then he hog got very big fast, and ready for the table.
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In moderation, probably yes.

Eating meat at all can be argued against, of course. It's harder to digest than non-meat foods, it's often higher in fat, it can displace fruit and vegetables in the diet, and chemical toxins build up in the fatty tissues of animals, especially omnivorous animals like pigs. Higher consumption of red meat (pork, beef and other mammal meats) is strongly associated with increased risk of various cancers, especially bowel cancer.

A 1986 linked pork consumption to cirrhosis of the liver (drinking alcohol while eating lots of pork was worse than drinking booze on its own). Raw pig meat is often contaminated by various parasites, such as fluke worm and trichinae. Salmonella may also be present. Some sources claim that cooking cannot completely remove these hazards, rendering any consumption unsafe. Most food safety experts would disagree, though.

That said, pork is a good source of calories, protein, several B vitamins, zinc and iron. Moreover, eating other types of meat, especially if undercooked, may be equally unsafe.

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